Villa Roberti, Mercatino

The flea and antiques market in Villa Roberti

The flea and antiques market support the Villa

Since 1977, every first Sunday each month, Villa Roberti organizes and hosts a flea and antiques market. The setting (the colonnade, the garden and the park) and is double soul make this market unique.

The Antiques Market.
Under the arcades of the Barchessa and in the garden close to the Villa you can find books, postcards, glasses, lace and vintage items for the lovers of antiques and rarities.
In the afternoon the antiques markets goes on, in addition you can find entertainments and aperitifs in the Rose Garden until 6pm.

The flea market.
In Brolo (vegetable garden) and between the Vineyard the atmosphere is more light-hearted. Sellers offer any kind of second-hand stuff and among the stalls you can breathe a cheerful air.

Villa Roberti, Mercatino

A market and two souls to satisfy your needs

In the Brolo (vegetable garden) of the Villa
from 8:00 to 14:00
Vintage clothes and objects, toys and curiosities are to be found, among the colorful and lively stalls.

Under the portico of the Barchessa and in the farmyard
from 8:00 to 17:00
For those who love art and ethnic jewelry, at the search for unique porcelain and lace, books, vintage vinyls and radios, curious objects of all types and collectibles.

during the Market at h. 11 and h. 15

in italian language


Villa Roberti is open to public from 8 am to 5pm.
h. 8 am: opening to the Flea and antique Market.
h. 11: guided tour to Villa Roberti
h. 13: opening of the Rose Garden.
h. 14: closure of the Flea Market
h. 15: guided tour to Villa Roberti
h. 17: closure of the Antique Market

Admission fee

full ticket: € 2,50
Reduced: € 2

Villa Roberti, Mercatino

Info for sellers

park from 6:30 am
Administration Office: from 7:00 am