The Barchessa (Colonnade)

The Barchessa is the clear witness of the ancient rural tradition of Villa Roberti and its bond with the land and the territory. It was the cornerstone of the production activites and its structure dates back to the fifteenth century. It is the result of many transformations, as it has been modified and enlarged according to the needs.
An airy portico with eight arches and large, different halls to host corporate events, familiar reunions or convivial moments.

Villa Roberti, Scuderia

The Stable

A recently restored hall, the stable is a bright, welcoming, open, dynamic and very versatile space…

The Library

A wooden two-story library is the backdrop of the Library, It is a cool and peaceful place, large and spacious, the ideal environment for meetings and conferences…

Villa Roberti, Biblioteca

Villa Roberti, Antico Magazzino

The ancient warehouse

This small ancient and authentic environment has regained its original charm thanks to a recent restoration…

The Granary

The large hall was the warehouse for wheat and products from the fields. The room keeps the warmth and serenity of the ground, making it today a welcoming, bright and versatile space….

Villa Roberti, Granaio

Villa Roberti, Sala Riunioni

The meeting hall

It was the productive heart of the old farm and still is a central place of the villa. The hall is a versatile and perfect environment for both corporate events and convivial moments…