The cooperative “Villa Roberti”

Villa Roberti is alive because it is a laboratory for ideas, an atelier of experiences and a breeding ground of deeds.

We take care of the cooperative and the place daily. We are a group of professional friends who share passion and interest in art, environment, territory and travel. We own experience and excellent skills in different fields, especially cultural and natural heritage, we do planning, management and communication of events and tourism. We are a cultural reference hub for a territory and we are sure that culture and tourism are fundamental for the community. We manage actions and events to keep Villa Roberti alive.

Villa Roberti, La Cooperativa

Villa Roberti, Logo della Cooperativa

Our philosophy

Starting from Villa Roberti, we want to weave ties and synergies for territorial development and contribute to the well-being of the local community and visiting guests. We perceive the villa as a point of reference for the whole surrounding environment, as an aggregator pole and a design incubator

The cooperative Villa Roberti provides the following services:
1.Organises a series of cultural events throughout the year,including theatre and music performances, including chamber music and choir; reading events, conferences and art shows. It also welcomes resident artists.
2.It creates and offers specific services for visitors and tourists, including guided tours and visits aimed at sharing knowledge about the cultural, historical and natural heritage of the territory. These services are scalable and replicable.
3.The Villa also hosts an info point aimed at providing information to visitors and tourists.
4.It’s an open cultural hub: it offers a space for networking, sharing and planning for all those interested in the valorisationof the cultural and environmental landscape.
5.It collaborates with public and private entities to develop a tourism destination, promoting the horizontal aggregation of private companies and associations working in the cultural and creative sectors.
6.It also offers a bike friendly space, central to accessing and getting to know about the valuable sites of interest.
7.Finally, the villa also offers accomodation, hosts private events, weddings and business meetings, welcomes the weekly market and organises events for kids.

Why choose us

The main objective of the cooperative Villa Roberti is to create and share culture in all of its changing forms: the pleasure of knowledge, respect for nature, love for beauty, the pleasure of slow rhythms, the value of welcoming others and the strength of collaboration.

Villa Roberti, Perchè scegliere noi?